The selection exam provides the CASA selection committee with a comprehensive measure of the applicant's current level of proficiency in Arabic, and helps to place her/him in the appropriate class if she/he is accepted into the program. 

All CASA applicants are required to take all sections of the exam, unless they are able to email an official ACTFL certificate from a recent test.  (Please note, only exams taken after August 1, 2021 will be considered.)

CASA requires ACTFL scores for: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and Oral proficiency. The Reading and Listening sections are administered online and applicants will need access to the Internet in order to complete the exam. All sections of the exam are intended to gauge different levels of proficiency, and may include material that is beyond an applicant's present level of competency in Arabic. Examinees should answer as much as possible and attempt to answer all questions. 


To request exam accommodations, please see the Test Accommodations page of the LTI website.  A minimum of 10 business days prior to the exam is required.

Exam Outline

The CASA Selection Exam includes the following (sections 1-2 will require a remote proctor):

I. Reading (Online, 40 points) - Time: up to 120 minutes
A variety of written texts are presented for reading and the applicant is asked to select an appropriate response (in a multiple choice format) to a question about the content of each passage provided. The applicant will receive a mix of questions in Level I - Intermediate, Level II - Advanced, and Level III - Superior.

II. Listening (Online, 30 points) - Time:  up to 120 minutes
Sound clips are presented and the applicant is asked to select an appropriate responses (in a multiple choice format) to questions about the content of each clip. The applicant will receive a mix of questions in varying levels.

III. OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) - Time: 20-30 minutes
The OPI measures your Arabic speaking ability in an unscripted conversation over the phone or online platform. You will be able to schedule an appointment during a period of 3-4 weeks in January-February that will be updated on the Application Instructions page each year. 

This year, the Writing exam will not be taken as a part of the Selection process. Those selected will take the Writing exam prior to departure. 

Exam Dates

The dates for taking the 2022-2023 Selection Exams (registration info below):

  • Reading & Listening:                                December 14, 2021 – February 9, 2022
    You may register and take these exams with a remote proctor anytime prior to Feb 9 (though you must register in advance)
  • OPI (oral proficiency interview):               January 10 – February 9, 2022
    After January 6, we will begin emailing those who have submitted their application with instructions for scheduling the OPI interview. The cost for this exam is included in your application fee.   

Reading and Listening exam tips: 
It is advised that you schedule the exam with enough lead time for retakes or rescheduling in case of technical issues or illness. Please schedule the exams a week in advance of the exam date.  

NOTE: Exams must be proctored at all times, even at universities where the honor system is used, and the presence of a designated proctor is required during all sections of the exam.

Registering for Exams

  1. Reading/ Listening Exam Registration:
    Exam fees, including the remote proctor fee, will be covered by applicants. The fee of $102 will be paid by credit card directly to ACTFL at the time of exam registration. 
    Please use the instructions in the link below and register at least a week in advance:
    IMPORTANT - Read BEFORE Registering!: In the text box under "What school or institution are you looking for?," enter "Center for Arabic Study Abroad."
    Exam Registration Instructions - Language Testing International (LTI)
    Questions about the Exam Registration process:  LTI 1-800-486-8444
  2. Oral Proficiency Interview Exam Registration:
    After January 6, we will begin emailing those who have submitted their application with instructions for scheduling the OPI interview.  

Exam Policies

  • Dictionaries, textbooks, notebooks, or note-taking are not permitted during the exam.
  • Exams may not be photocopied.
  • No exam may be administered at a time other than the day and time scheduled by the CASA office. Extenuating circumstances will be considered individually by the CASA Director.
  • Proctors should not be a teacher/professor of Arabic, and if at all possible, not a speaker of Arabic. Proctors agree to monitor the applicant for the duration of the exam.
  • Upon completion of the exam, the proctor must immediately submit the writing sections of the exam to ACTFL, where they will be reviewed and scored.