PYOW Fellows 

The Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW) option is available to a limited number of qualified students who are willing and able to provide funds for all expenses associated with their CASA I program of study (no partial funding is available). This is the only way for non-US citizens to apply to CASA due to the program’s funding restrictions.

The CASA program can often accommodate more applicants than we have funding to support. Therefore, we encourage applicants to apply for outside fundingIf you manage to secure outside funding, it may:

  • Cover program costs, like insurance and program fees, that are required to be covered by all CASA Fellows
  • Provide you with a higher monthly allowance than CASA can provide
  • Allow the CASA program to increase the number of participants, therefore increasing your and others’ chances of acceptance into the program.

If you are applying for, or have access to, outside funds, select the PYOW option on the application form. Please note that by selecting this option, you are only giving us an indication that there is a possibility that you will have outside funds, and it is in no way binding.

All CASA applicants, including PYOW applicants, must follow the same procedures to be considered for the program and are evaluated in the same way. Once selections have been made by the CASA Selection Committee, we will confirm with anyone who indicated PYOW status and determine whether they have been able to secure outside funding.

The candidates who agree to enter the program on the PYOW option must agree:

  • To assume all financial responsibility for participation, and to abide by the same rules and regulations as a CASA Fellow; and
  • To consider this agreement binding until the end of the program.

PYOW Expenses

Expenses for PYOW Fellows for the CASA I Program:
Please note that these costs and expenses are subject to change for each programmatic year.

  • Tuition: $10,000-20,000 (for 2 semesters depending on location)*
  • Airfare: $1,250 (approximate amount for one round-trip and does not factor in visits home over breaks)
  • Living Expenses: approximately $1060/month (in Jordan)*
  • Required Program Insurance ($804 Amman;varies from year to year)*
  • Non-Refundable Program Fee: $1,850 for students currently enrolled in a consortium school / $2,500 for non-consortium schools
  • Selection Exam Fee: $102 (you will receive ACTFL ratings for Reading, Listening exams)

For CASA I Fellows (non-PYOW), tuition and a monthly stipend are covered by the program. The Non-Refundable Program Fee, the Selection Exam fee, and Medical/Travel Insurance are the responsibility of all CASA Fellows, whether PYOW or non-PYOW. 

If selected, PYOW Fellows have the option to coordinate a payment plan with the CASA Coordinator to pay for their tuition. Details will be confirmed upon acceptance.   

*PLEASE NOTE! Most figures are based on the current year, but are likely to change. They are provided only as a guideline; updated information for the coming year will be shared with those who are selected.