We previously had a registry to report any side trips you may take over long weekends or holiday breaks so that in an emergency in that part of the world, we can reach out to confirm your safety.  Knowing where you are lets us help you when it matters most. When an incident occurs abroad, we relied on the itineraries in the Travel Registry to inform us of students in the region who may need medical or security assistance.  We will have new systems due to our change in program host institution and will update you as we have more details. 


How do I report my Fellowship when I do my taxes?

Please visit Harvard’s Student Financial Services site to help guide you. Select the Federal Taxes link on the left and scroll down to the section for Scholarships and Stipends. Within this section there is a link to the IRS Publication 970 which explains how these items should be reported. Please note, you will not receive any tax forms from CASA. In addition, Harvard representatives are not permitted to give you individual tax advice, and we would suggest that you seek professional advice from a qualified accountant or attorney if you encounter complicated tax situations.