CASA Consortium

The CASA Consortium is currently comprised of 31 universities and colleges. Representatives from Consortium member schools convene annually in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) meeting.

Designated representatives serve on a rotating basis on the Governing Council (six appointed representatives serve a consecutive three year term) and the CASA Fellowship Selection Committee (three representatives are appointed for a one year commitment). The Governing Council meets with the CASA directorship each fall during MESA to discuss and decide upon various academic, financial and administrative matters. The Selection Committee meets with the directorship each spring to review application materials and choose fellows for the upcoming year.

In addition to these service obligations, Consortium member schools pay annual dues of $1,500 to provide much needed supplemental financial support for CASA programs. In recognition of this contribution, student applicants from member schools pay a reduced application fee, and if they are selected for a fellowship, they pay a reduced program fee. Consortium Dues have only increased once since our founding in 1967, from $1,000 to $1200 annually. Unfortunately, this amount is no longer sufficient to support today’s operating expenses. Therefore, we are requesting an increase in the dues for the 2020-2021 year to $1500. For members who are not able to meet this increase in the first year, we are willing to adapt your invoice to the previous rate of $1200. 

CASA Gov Board 2018 edited.jpg

CASA Governing Board Meeting 2018 in San Antonio
CASA Governing Board Meeting 2018 in San Antonio

Consortium Members